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Hotel in Kanha Kisli National Park

Hotel in Kanha National Park, with all the modern facilities and comfort. Booking Hotel in Kanha is very easy.Our staff will make you feel at home. We arrange for entry safari permits to Kanha National Park, park guides, open 4x4 Safari Vehicles(Maruti Gypsy) and not to forget, tribal village tours. Jungle adventure and fun starts at Kanha Pride resort. Our Hotel regularly caters for guests from all across India and abroad.

Kanha National Park safaris booking has already started.You can book safaris in advance up to 15 June 2017 (next year).

Very few permits available for Diwali, Christmas and Christmas safaris. Book Now!!

Click here to book your official (Govt) tiger safari permit in Kanha National Park.

Park will close in -65 days, -19 hrs
to enjoy Tiger and Bird Safaris in Kanha Kisli National Park this year.

Like every year, Kanha Tiger Reserve will be temporarily closed for safaris from 1st July 2016 by the Forest Department (i.e. No tourists entry). The Tiger reserve will re-open on 1st October 2016 i.e. after Mansoon season. Our Hotel is open as usual and you are welcome to enjoy the Mansoon season, right in the middle of the jungle!

Kanha Pride Resort is an ideal place to stay for all nature and wildlife lovers . Stunning landscapes and meadows of Kanha Tiger reserve would mesmerize you and your family.

Majority of our overseas customers who visited Kanha wildlife sanctuary and stayed with us for Tiger safaris, came from the United States (USA), The United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Australia, China, France, Spain and Japan.

Our modern resort, which is located very close to the Mukki Gate of Kanha Ntional park is situated perfectly near the Banjar river. Our guests have rated us very highly in Tripadvisor Reviews and appreciated our warm hospitality.

Hotel in Kanha

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Hotel in the heart of Kanha National Park

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